Together in Stories

Join us at this special garden story time event taking place in the beautiful grounds of Linton House in Linton, Cambridgeshire.

Local mosaicist Jim Anderson will help children break tiles into fragments to place on a communal sunflower-themed mosaic.

Free homemade ’Deruny’ (Ukrainian potato pancakes) will be available to try.

Joyful multi-language storytelling!

Catherine Emmett will read from her hilarious book, The Pet;

Digby David wants a pet, but not just any pet – it has to be TWICE as big as Reuben’s guinea pig and even better than Lily Jean’s cat. Digby David’s Daddy does what he’s told, and soon Digby has a guinea pig, which he loves with all his heart… for half a day. Digby demands bigger and better, Daddy’s hair gets greyer and greyer, and when Digby’s dog gets boring too, he insists Daddy buy him… a gorilla! ‘

This event is in support of, and solidarity with Ukraine.

In between the stories there will be bandura music played by talented local musician Sonia Savchuk.

Getting there:

If driving please park in the Coles Lane car park near the health centre. From here it is a very short walk to Linton House.

There is a regular 13 bus which goes from Cambridge to Haverhill (and Haverhill to Cambridge) via Linton High Street where Linton House is located. Please contact us by Friday 5th May if you have any transport difficulties and we will help to provide additional lifts or fares.


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