Drop-in Activities

We had some fantastic entries to our 2023 Villain-themed competitions. A massive well done to everyone who entered.

1st place

The Black Beetroot

By Katie Hoang

Linton Village College, 7LHE


Runner up

China Sorrows (from Skullduggery Pleasant)

By Imogen Clements

St Mary's School Cambridge, Yr 8

Runner up

Jadis (from the Chronicles of Narnia)

By Krishna Murali

Runner up

Count Olaf (from A Series of Unfortunate Events)

By Magnus Stark


By Woody Bamford

Linton Village College, 7F

Gellert Grindelwald (from Harry Potter)

By Elizabeth Gamble

Linton Village College, Yr 7

Demon Bear (from Wolf Brother)

By Emma Johnston

Seshru (from Wolf Brother)

By Mia Arana Tagle

Linton Village College

Fair Fairy

By Ellie Wang

Linton Heights Junior School, Class 5

Tom Shadowfax, the Crimson Crook

By Calum Yates

Linton Village College 7MH

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